In the slitting and packaging lines of our company, DKP, RP and HRP rolls are sliced and packaged.

Production Range:

Material: Cold Sheet, Acid Sheet, Galvanized Sheet, Aluminum

Wall Thickness: 0.40mm – 4.00mm range
Width: 200mm – 1650mm range
Slitting Width: 15mm – 1600mm range
Coil Inner Diameter: 508mm – 610mm range
Coil Outer Diameter: 1900mm
Coil Tonnage (Maximum): 20 Tons
Cutting Tolerance: 0.30mm
Line Speed: 180m / Minute

Capacity: 100,000 tons per year (Single machine)
Usage area: white goods, automotive, sub-industry, agricultural tools, construction and building sector, panel manufacturing, electronics, electricity sector.