The primary priority of Borsaç Steel Service Centers, which proceeds in a different line from conventional methods, is to meet the demands and needs of the end user, on the basis of size and amount, in full and on time, unlike steel producers. Borsaç Steel Service Center is the leading company in the sector, which takes place at the most critical point in the process from steel production to final consumption, and provides added value to steel with the necessary process and / or service before the end use. In particular, the relationship between the Manufacturer, Service Center and the user continues with the packaging process, which creates a quality value for the customer in terms of mutual reduction of costs and creating loyalty between supplier and user.



  • “Strong actor of the Steel Sector since 1984” We have started to work with the aim of providing the highest quality service in the period when the classical market understanding is rapidly abandoned today, by commissioning our cutting-to-length line with the latest technology in 2016.
  • Today, Borsaç is among the companies that offer quality service quickly and faithfully to the given deadlines.
  • The adventure we started in 1984, we made sales of flat and long products. In 2001, we developed our machine park further and became one of the important players in the sector. In 2004, we commissioned our ereğli steel service center and started to offer our customers the products and services they deserve with the most economical pricing policy possible.


  • Cut to Length & Packaging
  • Slitting & Packing